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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Better Late Than Never: The End

I am now 20 days post-Disney and still can't believe I got to live and breathe Walt Disney World for 4 months. Yes, the post-Disney depression did set in and, yes, that may be why it took me so long to write this post. Instead of flying or driving straight home on May 16th, my dad flew one way to Orlando and we drove up through Washington DC and then to Minnesota. If I'm being honest, getting home felt like just another stop in the road trip. It was great to see my family, Minnesota, and my house, but I felt as though something was missing. I couldn't believe I wasn't going back to Walt Disney World.

The last 2 weeks of my program were hectic and busy, so of course I didn't have time to blog and now I'm a month out from my last post! I'll try to catch you all up as best as I can without writing a novel!

May 2: Hanging out at Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom after a drizzly day at work.

Space Mountain with the lights on!
 May 3: Spent another rainy day at Hollywood Studios with Wreck It Ralph & Vanellope von Schweets.

May 4: I spent allllll of May the Fourth at work, admiring Star Wars fans creative costumes & t-shirts!

May 5: Also spent most of the day at work and took this sneaky picture of Epcot backstage!
Behind the African Outpost/China
 May 6: Blizzard Beach with my roommates Gemma, Denise, and Kelsey!

May 7: Spent the morning at Animal Kingdom with Gemma and the evening at Typhoon Lagoon for Disney Housing's Starlit Splash where we partied into May 8th!

May 9: I met Genevieve Gorder from HGTV after work!

May 10: Hung out in Magic Kingdom before work and got a funnel cake the size of my head!
Photopass guy thought he was funny!


May 12: I thought about packing and got a giant Goofy sweatshirt.

May 13: Enjoyed one of my last Transtar bus rides and had a movie night on Gemma's iPad.

May 14: MY LAST DAY OF WORK where I also got to be apart of a Yellow Shoes filming!

My co-worker, Caryn, and me ready for our close-ups!
My twin, Clarissa, and me!

May 15: Spent the day with Gemma and Denise at DCP Graduation and Magic Kingdom (for the last time!).
Sleepover in the living room!

Door window dedicated to all the Cast Members!

 And there you have it, my final Disney College Program post. Though it's a little late, I hope you enjoyed following my experience. It's something I'm sure I'll never forget (and I have 600+ pictures in case I do).

Thank you so much for your support!